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Nevada Bar, Lounge and Store Tokens


These pages contain a comprehensive list of tokens from bars, lounges, and stores, which are generally referred to as route tokens.  Route tokens are used by businesses with restricted gaming licenses, unlike full line casinos.  I am presenting my entire collection, with scans, including many of which are for sale.  Hopefully this will be a great reference for all token collectors.  Some of the tokens presented here are very rare.   

The information I have compiled here comes from token lists created by Janice O'Neal, The Guide to Nevada Route Tokens, written by Don & Jean, A list of the Worlds Gaming Tokens, written by Earl Donley, and token lists and information received from Howard Herz.  I'd like to thank them for all their previous work.           

You will find some tokens in this collection that are truly not route tokens, but were minted for use in a bar, lounge or store.  I've tried to include any token that has a route company on the reverse of the token, as well as any token not issued by a route company, but used in a bar, lounge or store.

I hope you find this useful.


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