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Franklin Proof Tokens

The Franklin Mint produced proof tokens from 1965 to 1969.  There were only 27 proof tokens issued in 1965, up to a high of 96 proofs issued in 1967. By the time 1969 rolled around, they only issued 24 proof tokens.  In all, there were 267 proof tokens minted.      

In the attached pages, I have many of these proof tokens for sale, including many full sets from the individual years.  Please e-mail me if you're interested in purchasing any of these tokens, or have any questions about them.  

1965    1966    1967    1968    1969

I also have 3 separate booklets of Numismatic Issues of the Franklin Mint.  The booklets cover commemorative coins, special Franklin Mint issues, special Private Issues, and most importantly casino tokens issued by the Franklin Mint for the specified years.  There are pictures of all of the tokens as well as mintage numbers, both proof and mint.  A very good reference for anyone interested in Franklin Mint tokens.  Prices are as follows:

1968 Edition (Covering the years 1965-1967) - $15.00

1969 Edition (Covering the years 1965-1968) - $17.50

1970 Edition (Covering the years 1965-1969) - $20.00


The following is a list of Franklin Proof Sets that I know to exist.  I don't have all of these, and I'm sure that there are others that I'm not aware of.  A few of these are for sale on my individual Proof Pages, but mainly this is for your information. 

  The Blue album which is Proof Like
There is also a Red Album containing Proof Like Tokens.
  There are also .999 Silver proof tokens from 1965 in a Red album. 
There is a a Franklin Plexiglas display in the shape of Nevada with Proof Like tokens.   
I also have a Franklin Plexiglas display in the shape of Nevada with  Silver proof tokens in it. 
  There is a red album with Proof Like tokens.
  There is another red album with Silver Clad Proof Tokens.
  There is also a blue notebook containing the proof like tokens on cards. 
  I also have a Franklin Plexiglas display with Silver Clad tokens from 1966. 
There are also sets of the cards alone, that are not in the notebook.
  These are broken up into two red albums, one containing the $5 Sterling Silver tokens, and the other containing the 50 cent, $1 and $2 tokens.
  These were also issued on 24 cards in a blue notebook.
I have a Franklin Plexiglas display containing all the $2, $1 and $.50 tokens issued in 1967.
I also have a Franklin Plexiglas display of the $5 Sterling Silver tokens.
  There is a red album of 1968 proofs.
There were issued on 12 cards, some in a note book ,and others without the notebook.
  As far as I know, there were only issued on individual orange cards.  There is an album made specifically for the 24 proofs issued that year.