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        How I Grade My Tokens

As you'll see in the token lists on this site, I have added the condition that I believe the token is in.  I try to be as consistent as I can, although that isn't always possible when you're looking at several thousand tokens acquired over several years.

So, with that in mind, I have included this page to give examples of tokens that I feel fit the conditions that I have assigned them. 

Hopefully this will help you in making decisions about which tokens to purchase. 

Please click on the condition, and a sample of a token that I feel meets that criteria will be displayed.

Uncirculated - I am starting to get more of these tokens, and adding to the web site.  These tokes are in excellent shape, and have very few imperfections, if any.    

Very Good - These are tokens that have few bag marks on them, and have no discoloring.  It's hard to tell in this scan, but the background of this token is mirror like. 

Good - These tokens are also very nice.  The details of the token are still sharp, and there are no major marks or discoloring on the token.

Some wear - These tokens have seen action in the casino.  They are still very readable, but have normal wear and tear marks on them from constant use in the casino.  This scan is probably at the lower end of the tokens that I rate as some wear.

Worn - These tokens have been used, and used a lot.  The details on the tokens are still there, but are worn.  However most of the wording and token detail is still visible.     

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