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Featured Tokens

This is a 1966 $1 Token from the Riviera in Las Vegas.  It is a Silver Clad Proof token.  In addition to the regular proof tokens produced by the Franklin Mint, there were also a smaller number of Silver Clad proof tokens made.   These are priced at $20.00.   

This 1965 Joe Mackie's Star token was one of the original 7 tokens minted by the Michigan Tool & Engineering Co in San Jose California.  The Star was located in Winnemucca.  The original casino burned down in July 1978.  When it reopened, it was named simply the Star Casino. It remained open from 1982 to 1985.  These are priced at $30.00.   

This 1969 Keith's Model T token is also somewhat rare, especially in uncirculated condition like this one is.  Keith's Model T was located in Winnemucca.  It opened in 1969, and closed one year later.  It later reopened as the Model T Truckstop.  These tokens were minted by Masterpiece Medallions.  As far as I know, this is the only token minted by this company.  These are priced at $35.00.   

This 1965 Horseshu token is very rare, and even more rare in that it is one of the few tokens created using Goldine.  It was minted by Osborne Coinage, which did make several of the harder to find tokens from 1965.  The Franklin Mint took over a lot of the minting work later in 1965.   The Horseshu casino is located in Jackpot Nevada.   These are priced at $40.00.   

This 1965 token from the Sahara Tahoe Casino was one of only a handful created by the Michigan Tool and Engineering mint.  This is the only year in which this mint created tokens for casinos in Nevada.  There aren't too many of these tokens left.  These are priced at $25.00.  

The Desert Inn issued a special promotion $1 token in 1998, showing the old and new hotels on the token.  These tokens are uncirculated, and are hard to find, since they were never put into play.  These are priced at $12.00.     

Binion's Horseshoe error tokens.  These tokens were minted in 1990.  I have several of these, and all are different shapes.  The scan I have attached is just a sample.  Even the non-error tokens that were used in 1990, didn't stay on the tables very long.  The image of Benny Binion extended above the token rim, which made them hard to stack. Price $8.00.