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Site Updated January 22nd.  Details

Hi, my name is Dan Wickett, and I've been collecting casino tokens since the early 1990's.  I mainly concentrate on Nevada gaming tokens, but have acquired many other tokens and a few chips, from throughout the USA and world.  I will be continually updating this web site with new stuff.  Unless otherwise stated, all tokens on this website are $1 tokens. 


I am a member of the Casino Chip and Gaming Token Collectors Club, member R-2958.

A brief history of Nevada Gaming Tokens can be found on my Token History Page. 

Convention Finds:  I picked up a number of uncirculated 1969 Humboldt Hotel tokens.  I am offering them at $3 each.  Token photo   I also picked up a limited number of complete MGM Grand Collector's books, containing all 16 1993 MGM Grand cartoon tokens, in nickel silver and brass.  Book coverPage 1Page 2; Book is priced at $50

If you don't find what you're looking for on the web site, please e-mail me and maybe I'll be able to help you out.  I'll only have a portion of my collection on the web site at any one time, so there is a chance that if you want a particular Nevada token, I just might have it.  

I also have several Franklin proof sets and individual tokens that are also available.  I'll list these on the web site periodically. Again, if you'd like some specific proof tokens or sets, feel free to contact me.  

I will also be listing some Featured Tokens on the site.  There will be pictures of the tokens, along with a little bit of history about the casino itself. Just click on the Casino's name to see a picture of the token. 


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